Welcome to SLA@SOI

SLA@SOI is a consortium of leading Industrial, Academic and Research Institutes from around Europe committed to research, engineer and demonstrate technologies that can embed SLA-aware infrastructures into the service economy.

Our Vision: A business-ready service-oriented infrastructure empowering the service economy in a flexible and dependable way.

Driven by four industry-led use cases in the areas of ERP Hosting, Enterprise IT, Service Aggregation and e-Government, the consortium has at this stage:

All of these results have been documented in a series of formal deliverable documents. It is reassuring to see companies and consortia in Europe and beyond working to exploit and build upon these results.

For those interested in quickly coming up to speed with the project, a summarizing final report has been published, whilst for those interested in adopting the australia pokies technologies developed, an adoption guide is available.

Please, explore this website to find out for yourself how SLA@SOI is helping to empower a dependable service economy in Europe.


Latest News

SLA@SOI published book on Service Level Agreements for Cloud Computing

SLA@SOI is happy to announce the public availability of the book “Service Level Agreements for Cloud Computing“, published by Springer. Based on the results of the project, the book provides a comprehensive insight into SLA management for clouds, both from a business and a technical perspective. In particular the book features chapters on general business motivation, [...]


SLA@SOI publishes final set of results – enabling machine readable SLAs for cloud-based services

A significant milestone towards a Dependable Service Economy has been reached with the final publication of results of the recently concluded SLA@SOI research project. Launched in June 2008, this European Commission funded project has been researching, developing and proving tools and techniques that can embed SLA-aware infrastructures into the service economy.


New SLA@SOI videos posted…

In recent days a suite of 11 new videos has been uploaded to the SLA@SOI YouTube channel. They cover key topics spanning the SLA@SOI Studio, SLA@SOI Monitoring, the Open Reference Demonstrator and the Enterprise IT Use-Case. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out…


SLA@SOI demonstrated at Research@Intel Day 2011

Some of the latest results from SLA@SOI were showcased at Intel’s recent Research@Intel open day. Several hundred attendess from the technical press, analyst organisations, industry, academia and government were introduced to the project and presented with some of its most recent results…


The Dependable Cloud – high above Almere

The 30th floor of the World Trade Centre in the new city of Almere, The Netherlands, was the venue for a highly informative conference focused on the Dependable Cloud. Hosted by Custon, a Dutch company dedicated to performance on demand, and co-organised by SLA@SOI, it featured insightful presentations from and engaging discussions with large-scale industry [...]