The Dependable Cloud, April 28th 2011

– a dedicated conference


A sincere thanks to all who attended and participated in this unique and timely event. If you didn’t get to join us in the clouds, literally, the presentations are all now available online here.


Being able to automatically negotiate your own personal service level agreement (SLA) across multiple cloud providers, being able to automatically manage and optimise perhaps thousands of customers each with their own personalised SLA – this is the vision that projects like SLA@SOI and companies like HP, SAP, Intel, ING, Gartner, SensibleCloud and Custon are relentlessly pursuing. This focused conference will showcase the state of the art in Dependable Clouds.

The conference addresses the area of dependable cloud from a comprehensive set of perspectives:

  • The strategic relevance of dependable clouds for the future economy.
  • Customer needs towards future clouds.
  • Advanced solutions and best practice from industrial partners.
  • Showcases of the business value that can be achieved through dependable clouds.

Presentation and demos will be given by a broad range of international players, including large enterprises, SMEs, consulting organizations, technology providers, customers, and research organizations. The participants are introduced below.

The conference is perfectly suited for IT management and professionals dealing with strategic cloud questions including governance, risk, return on investment and service management and quality assurance. In addition to offering a deep insight into dependable clouds the conference provides ample opportunity for engaging with possible partners, providers, customers, and other stakeholders to explore future opportunities.

The event will be held in the Carlton Building, World Trade Centre Area, Almere, Amsterdam on April 28th, 2011.


Opening (9:30am)

  • Annemarie Jorritsma, former minister of Economic Affairs and mayor of Almere (09.30 – 09.45)

Strategic Relevance and Customer Needs (9:45am – 12:50pm)

  • SLA@SOI & its strategic relevance for SAP (09.45 – 10.20)
    Dr. Wolfgang Theilmann, Project Lead SLA@SOI, SAP Research, SAP AG
  • The Dependable/Enterprise Grade Cloud and Implications for Hybrid (10.20 – 10.50)
    Drue Reeves, Vice President Gartner and Research Director
  • Service excellence and its role for ING (10.50 – 11.20)
    Jan Verwoerd, Director Global Service organization ING
  • Short break and demo pods (11.20 – 11.50)
  • Intel’s vision for Cloud Computing and the role that SLA@SOI is playing (11.50 – 12:20)
    John Kennedy, Infrastructure Lead SLA@SOI, Intel Labs Europe, Intel Corporation
  • Cloud Assure, Enabling business confidence in the cloud (12.20 – 12.50)
    Niels Oldenburger, Strategic Consultant HP Software

Lunch and Demo Pods (12.50pm – 1.30pm)

Solutions & Best Practice (1:30pm – 4:20pm)

  • Federation of the Clouds (13.30 – 14.00)
    Ad Emmen, Contrail dissemination manager & project partner Contrail Project
  • SLA monitoring in Healthcare services (14.00 – 14.30)
    Giampaolo Armellin and Annamaria Chiasera, Project Managers, GPI
  • Cloud the next Level, Turning IT into Customer Loyalty (14.30 – 15.00)
    Dr. Cristian Vlug Msc, Head Software & Service Architecture Custon Labs
    Dr. Jos van Harn Deputy Director Development 2e2
  • Short break and demo pods (15.00 – 15.20)
  • Service Excellence in the Educational Cloud (15.20 – 15.50)
    Dr. Theo Tiadens, lector ICT Governance, Fontys Hogeschool
  • Infrastructure as a Service (15.50– 16.20)
    Eddie Budgen, CEO SensibleCloud

Close (4.30pm)

  • Nick Overwater, CEO Custon BV (16.20 – 16.30)

Drinks and Networking (4.30pm – 5.30pm)

Demo pods will be available throughout the day and include Cloud demos from HP and SLA@SOI partners: Intel, SAP and GPI.

Introducing the Participants

SLA@SOI is an EC-funded project that has invested nearly 3 years of in-depth research and analysis into the domain, developing a comprehensive architecture, SLA model and reference implementation for multi-layer SLA management. It is currently bringing its results into an open-source project and evaluating them in four complementary industrial use cases.
HP is helping IT organizations transform from cost centers to business enablers. HP helps you to build, transform, consume and manage and secure hybrid cloud solutions. With many years experience, HP has the right People, Processes and Technologies in house to serve you with the right solution that best fits your company strategy.

SAP Research is the global technology research unit of SAP. The group significantly contributes to SAP’s product portfolio and extends its leading position in the market by identifying and shaping emerging IT trends and generating breakthrough technologies through applied research.

Intel is particularly interested in optimising the infrastructure on which clouds are run. It has recently launched industry-wide initiatives such as Open Data Centre and Cloud Builder. Intel Labs Europe have recently developed a reference implemention of an SLA-aware infrastructure for the companies internal cloud.

Custon is particularly interested in how to apply theory to deliver good practice in IT Service organisations. For example, when introducing cloud services, who should take the lead in the endeavor. Custon will suggest some approaches to IT cloud value management.

2e2 Consulting develops, implements and manages IT Service and Asset Management solutions. Our ITSM specialists make sure that your IT service provision seamlessly fits with your business processes. Sometimes our approach is slightly unconventional – but it entails as few risks as possible for your business. Creating Business Advantage; unconventional approach – guaranteed results.

SensibleCloud is bringing service level management to cloud computing and has adopted SLA@SOI as the formal process for defining SLAs across all cloud deployment and service models. This will allow users to  to much more effectively manage and control their use of clouds and cloud services according to their own business policies.
Fontys University ICT is a part of Fontys university of applied sciences. Fontys has 50,000 students and 4,500 staff. The lectureship ICT governance performs research in topics like ICT service chains, cloud computing, portfolio management, compliance and IT. Every half year research resuts are presented in a seminar.
The GPI Group is a series of companies, consortia and partners of GPI that offers a wide variety of  solutions to the health sector, public and private. These include health and social service delivery, home automation, home assistance and rehabilitation, business intelligence, e-payment, contact centers and global services.
ING Real Estate’s mission is to be the leading provider of innovative real-estate solutions that exceeds clients’ expectations in all three business lines: RE Finance, RE Development and RE Investment Management. These ambitions will all be maintained as the company transfers all ICT services to OIG Ops & IT Banking (OIB).
The goal of Contrail is to design, implement, evaluate and promote an open source system in which resources that belong to different operators are integrated into a single homogeneous Federated Cloud that users can access seamlessly. It will allow companies to dynamically switch between cloud consumers and cloud providers as their compute load fluctuates.
Gartner is a leading information technology research and advisory company. They deliver the technology-related insight necessary for their clients to make the right decisions, every day. This event is addressed from the Data Center and Cloud Computing branch.
Almere is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. Since its initial development as a suburban area east of Amsterdam, it has grown into the status of Holland’s most exemplary new town. In just 35 years it has attracted over 190,000 residents and 13,000 businesses and has plans to grow gradually to 350,000 residents in 2030. Almere is the largest city in the province of Flevoland and the seventh largest city in the Netherlands. The Almere city council is particularly active in the ICT sphere with its Client Contact Center, fiberglass for companies as well as private individuals and is proving very attractive for ICT companies in particular.


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